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Geriatric Care services offered in Friend and Lincoln, NE

Aging Americans require different health care than those in early or middle adulthood. Geriatric care ensures that you and your loved ones receive customized care as you age, and is an area of specialty for board-certified nurse practitioners Ana Taylor, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, Chantel Collier, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, and the highly trained staff of Complete Rural Medicine with locations in Friend and Lincoln, Nebraska. Booking your visit is as simple as a phone call or a few moments online.

What is geriatric care?

Geriatric care is an area of medical practice focused on addressing the needs of people in retirement age and beyond. Everyone has unique health needs that shift and change as they move through the phases of life. Geriatric care centers on the needs that develop as you enter the later stages of life. 

Research shows that after the age of 65, most people have three or more health conditions, making their health needs more complex than most younger people. Geriatric care exists to address those needs and help you feel and function your best each and every day. 

What kinds of services are available in geriatric care?

You can receive all of the same services you expect from primary care once you enter geriatric care. Preventive health remains a primary focus, although you may need more frequent screenings as you grow older. 

Acute care services are still available in geriatric care. If you become ill or sustain an injury, your practitioner at Complete Rural Medicine can provide a prompt diagnosis and put you on a swift path to relief.

Chronic disease management is an essential part of geriatric care. Because so many older Americans livee with issues like hypertension, heart disease, high cholesterol, or diabetes, managing these conditions can create positive changes in how you feel and function. 

Medication management is also an essential part of geriatric care. By the time you enter old age, you might take prescription medications over a lengthy period of time. Your geriatric care practitioner reviews your medications to ensure your drug therapy delivers the desired effects, rather than creating a new list of problems. 

How should I prepare for my geriatric care visit?

A small amount of preparation can help you make the most of your geriatric care visit. If you’’re a new patient at Complete Rural Medicine, bring in information about your personal and family health history. Be sure to include a list of any medications or supplements you takee. 

BBring in a written list of questions for your provider to to reduce the risk of of you forgettingting about something while in the office. You  also want to be prepared to take notes during your visit to make sure you remember the guidance your provider shares. 

Many people bring a friend or family member in with them during geriatric care visits to avoid overlooking important information to avoid overlooking important information. If your family beginss to take over some of your care, they need to know the recommendations of your medical team. 

When you’re ready to begin, book a visit online or over the phone today to schedule a geriatric care visit. House calls are also available, making it easy to get the care you need, when and where you need it. 

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